Robin's latest book, "Portrait of Shrewsbury", co-authored with his friend Stan Sedman, was published by Halsgrove Ltd of Wellington in Somerset on 30 July 2013. It is a coffee table style hardback book with 162 images of Shrewsbury and its environs, and retails at £14.99. The design and printing of the book are outstanding, and the publishers have done an amazing job all round.

Portrait of Shrewsbury is on sale at all good bookshops in the County and signed copies of the book are available at Waterstones, WH Smiths and other bookshops in Shrewsbury. For more details of the book, go to, click on Portrait of Shrewsbury.

Toby Neal reviewed "Portrait of Shrewsbury" in the Shropshire Star on Saturday, 17th August 2013, and had this to say about it:

"It is strange but true, but you can live in a town or visit it often, but not really see anything
All around is so familiar that you never bother to look and end up not noticing anything at all. And so it is that wonderful architectural and historic gems can becme hidden in plain sight, and you need someone to shine the spotlight on them and give you a nudge to make you realise what's there.
This book is just such a nudge. It is a showcase of Shrewsbury's treasures, all those places and features which make up the town's unique mix of medieval and modern.
Jukes-Hughes has already made a name for himself with his previous book "Portrait of the Shropshire Hills", and now he brings his photographic talents to bear on Shrewsbury in this book, produced in partnership with Stan Sedman, who is an official town guide.
The result of his efforts were an eye-opener for me. Here are lots of Shrewsbury buildings and features that I have seen but not perceived. It is like a photographic voyage of rediscovery. It is a quality publication. And if there are Salopians out there who think they have seen it all, believe me, you haven't."

The book also received a glowing review in the December 2013 issue of Shropshire Magazine.


Robin's book "Portrait of the Shropshire Hills", was published by Halsgrove Ltd in May 2009. It is a coffee table style book featuring many of the images on this web site, and retails in hardback at £14.99. More details of the book can be found by going to and putting Shropshire in their Search box. It was reprinted in May 2012.


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